I had a life changing experience at the age of 26 when I took part in an ancient indigenous Shamanic ceremony of the Amazon. From that day on, I have been able to receive knowledge / ideas / concepts via images / shapes / patterns which are often dynamic. I can only describe the experiences as witnessing the transformation of energy, and becoming aware of the different energies behind the energies. Painting helps me to understand things a bit more, and I love to point others towards patterns which resonate with them and their lives. 

What does Sacred Geometry mean to me at this phase of my life? I believe it reveals the way that recurring patterns manifest throughout all the levels and realms of creation from the micro-cosmic to the macro-cosmic, and everything in between. I believe Geometry is intrinsic within the fabric of Nature itself, and the proportions that we find governing Nature are also the proportions that govern our consciousness. 

Many of the great minds like Plato and Da Vinci understood that the study of Sacred Geometry was a way of developing your consciousness. 

I am also involved in a human-development program, and am an active promoter of the Hemp plant.

Much love to you all, and an extra special thanks to everyone that has been encouraging my painting since back in the day!

Nick Osipczak


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