STARGAZER original painting available for sale - £2,450
From Nick's first collection - the Grey Series.
100 x 100cm, acrylic on canvas, made by hand (approximately 100 hours).
Hang straight onto the wall, no need to frame (box canvas - 45mm deep).

From Nick's instagram feed:
"One of the reasons I'm selling Stargazer is to start the process of unattaching myself from my paintings, as I will be selling a large portion of my collection at the Oxford International ArtFair this February.
Me and the fam are spending a few months in Portugal this summer so its time to start downsizing... not gona be easy seeing as xmas is coming up and I've got two little monkies!
People keep telling me I need to write stuff to explain more about my work. This was the same feedback i struggled with for my school A-level art - I always enjoyed the creating and not the explanation.
The best i can come up with for now about Stargazer is saying it is essentially a self-portrait. Although i wouldnt have been aware of this at the time... with hindsight it seems that I was capturing my current state of consciousness.
The golden rays emanating from the centre are composed of 3 different intensities, representing the various levels applicable to learning (fractals).
There are certain rays missing altogether, which represent "unawareness" or not-knowing - an important reminder to stay grounded and humble, which will provide the necessary conditions for further growth.
The "planets" around the inner sphere (not circle), point towards our interconnected relationship with the "external" world - and reminds us that we are never alone.
If i had to guess what would happen to this painting if the centre sphere was fully filled out in all directions with the most intense golden rays, I would say all the surrounding planets would also be glowing brillant gold.
Peace and love! Nick"

You can follow Nick's instagram feed here @Raised_Spirit_Art

Nick will be unveiling the first two paintings from his fourth series at the Oxford International Art Fair, which runs from February 23rd-25th 2018.

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